Welcome to the experts of mixing.
Blending is not just blending. It requires high expertise and the right equipment to make accurate and precise blendings. We have gained a vast knowledge in making the right mixing for your products.
Pedersen's Laboratorium has been contract manufacturing and providing bespoke contract packing services for almost 40 years for both Domestic and International clients in the food, nutraceutical, chemical and health & beauty industries.

World class processing

Our state of the art jacketed twin shaft mixer can handle up to 600 liters per batch. It is equipped with choppers, liquid and air inlets to perform gentle production of powder blends and high quality granulates.

In a smaller scale we offer freeze drying which is the most delicate technique for water removal.

In autumn 2018 we are implementing a custom made 1.000 liter mechanical fluidized bed mixer. Large numbers of patented innovations are based on this system. The system produces maximum homogeneity of even the most difficult products.

Competent & Flexible Manufacturing Since 1979